Our fee structure varies based on the age group and program. For detailed information, please contact us. 

To enroll, please visit our enrollment folder for detailed information or contact our center directly.

We offer nutritious snacks crafted with the well-being of the children in mind. Additionally, we are currently in the process of joining the food program to provide lunches. 

Safety is our top priority! Rest assured, we've got you covered with rigorous security measures, a qualified staff, and strict adherence to safety guidelines and regulations. Our doors are locked tight with a foolproof authorization procedure, ensuring that only the right folks get in. Plus, we've got security cameras keeping a watchful eye on every nook and cranny. Your safety is in good hands! 

We follow a holistic approach, incorporating play-based learning to foster cognitive, social, and emotional development.

We tailor our activities to each age group, and we focus on offering a variety of activities each day including sensory development, age-appropriate educational activities, recreational playtime, and socialization skills.

Yes, Wee Learn & Play Child Care Center is fully licensed, ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality care for your children.

Our center operates from 6:30 am to 5:30pm. We understand the importance of flexible hours to accommodate the needs of working parents.

We provide services for children ages: six weeks to 12 years.

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